Welcome to our blog! And thanks for reading a little about us and my blog. I'm married to Gavin MJ and in January 20th we welcomed our first child, Matias.

Gavin and I in Bali, 2015

A little about me... I met my husband in Houston 2012 when we were working there. After finishing my master degree in Early childhood education in NYC, I moved with him to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where his work had relocated him.

Living on this side of the world is completely new for me. I was brought up in South America, and did my studies in the USA. In Malaysia, we have year long summer, which means we can hit the pool and BBQ anytime. But also a lot of things here are very different from my what I was used to. It is very exciting to get to know this side of the world and learn from other cultures.

After a year of traveling around South East Asia, we got the amazing and life changing news that we are expecting our first child.
Because of visa issues, I was not able to work anymore and became a stay-at-home mom. I came across so many beautiful blogs about motherhood, and parenting advices. A lot of people told me to keep a diary about my pregnancy, so one day my child can read it. So that's how this blog came to be, as a keepsake for our child and to share all our fun stuff around here with friends and family.

Join us in our journey through pregnancy in South East Asia, and all the ups and downs of this beautiful life.

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