2 months old Rafael

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018


Its unbelievable that Rafael is 2 months already. He has grown so much and very fast in comparison with Matias. We put him for some tummy time last week, and he turned to his back just like that. Like no problem, I am just turning to the side to show-off. He laughed for the first time March 22nd and it was the cutest smile ever. Matias loves anything and everything that involves Rafael, specially when taking his monthly photos, he must be part of it.

Here's a little update on our Rafa:

How old is he: He is 2 months and 6 days.
Baby Rafa's size: Two weeks ago he was 5.5 kg, but I am pretty sure he's way heavier. He started to wear size 3 months.
Best moment the past month: Probably seeing him turn on his back during tummy time. Also, enjoying all the cuddles at night, since he loves to be held rather than in his bassinet. 
Sleep: The sleep situation is starting to get more and more settled night time. During the day he randomly falls asleep. At night, after getting his bath, and milk, he falls asleep around 9pm, and usually will sleep until 1am. After his milk, he falls back asleep, and wakes up either at 5am for more milk or around 7am.
Movements: He doesn't have a problem with tummy time, to the point he even falls asleep during it. He's holding his neck much more these days, almost completely by himself. He moves his arms a lot, specially if he wants milk ans he's getting upset.
Nicknames: Rafa, Rafita, Gordito, Dickie (fatty in German).
Mama's experience: Realizing how fast babies grow can be so tough and emotional. Putting some of his newborn clothes away, and thinking "this might be the last time our babies wear these clothes". Its such a bitter sweet thing to see your babies grow and thrive, but at the same moment knowing these days won't come back, and soon they will become independent adults.
Looking forward: Our trip to Japan and North America!!!!

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