Week 23

Monday, November 6th, 2017


I have not posted in a long time, and I feel like I should at least post my pregnancy update before another week goes by. It been busy weeks lately, between sick Matias and sick Gavin, my baby accessories shop growing and growing, and a never-ending to-do list, leaving me with zero time to edit photos and write a good post.

We had our detailed ultrasound scan last week, and even though everything went well, we ended up a little confused. The doctor we saw told us that the first doctor we saw back in the USA gave us the wrong due date, since baby is measuring less than a 22 week old should, or if the doctor gave us the correct due date, then we need to be worry about the baby's growth. At the end, it just left us more worries, confused, and with no idea when is the due date or how many weeks I should actually be.

Here's some detail about the past two weeks.

How far long: According to my many pregnancy apps, I am 24 weeks pregnant, 5 months now.
Baby MJ2 size: About the size of an ear of corn.
Miss anything: Sleeping on my belly and probably raw fish in my sushi.
Best moment this week: Matias has been improving a lot in his speech, and understanding more and more spanish and english sentences. We are also starting to do more art projects togethers, working on his potty training, and just making him be the happiest kid ever. I have been also pointing at my belly and telling Matias that inside there's a baby, so at times he points at my belly when asked where is the baby. But what I love the most of it, is that at times he would actually point at his belly and say baby.
Sleep: When is actually time to rest, my belly gets really tight and uncomfortable. Also, is hard to get used to sleeping in only two positions rather than the many positions you can do when you don't have a baby inside.
Symptoms: I am feeling great these past days, with the exception that my body definitely feels a little more heavy.
Food cravings: Not a lot of cravings, but craving to make a nice acai bowl, so definitely will make one before the week is over.
Movements: Baby MJ2's moves/kicks are getting stronger by the day. I can easily feel them now, and so can Gavin. Love this time when Gavin starts to feel the baby and gets closer to him/her.
Names/Gender: We haven't had a talk about names this week. I did some newborn shopping and chose all colors that were baby neutral, but still super cute.
Looking forward: One of Matias' grandmoms is arriving this week. Normally he likes to call his Oma in the morning, now he will be able to see her in person.

Thanks for reading along!


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