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Monday, November 20, 2017


I haven't posted for a while, and it feels like every time I will post it has been years since my previous one! This week I wanted to share a few things about Matias that I want to write down before I forget them. Coincidentally, today he turns 22 months old. Only 2 months away from turning 2 years old!!!!

Play dough was homemade, and all the ingredients are safe for kids

I remember my parents mentioning all the time how us kids grew up so fast, and that I need to cherish all the moments of Matias because they will go away so fast, and then I will only have my memories and photos/videos. I always thought my parents were exaggerating, I mean how can time go by so fast. The thing is, time really does go by super fast! Just like that Matias is a few months before turning 2 years. He will be two years old! When did that happen?? So recently I have been trying to enjoy every moment, even those moments you might want to erase from your mind, like that sleepless night he stayed up for 2 hours, and went back to sleep only when in my arms and on our bed with Gavin. One day, he will be sleeping through the night, and later he will be staying over with friends, and not needing my songs or kisses to fall back to sleep. So I am on a mission to record, remember, and enjoy every single moment. 
Here's a list of things he is doing that are stinky cute:

1. When asked what sound a cat makes he screams a cute miauw and puts both hands like a little kitten that's scratching. ADORABLE.
2. He's super polite and always says thanks, when reminded, and says "gracias" but sounds like caca, which is so cute and funny.
3. After school, we go for a quick grocery stop, and afterwards he always falls asleep in the car.
4. Every time we are at the grocery, he points at the banana stand area, and says "banana" and won't stop until I get some bananas.
5. In Chile we say "tuto" for a nap and we use it when we want Matias to sleep. Now when he sees his doll (or anything else really) lying down, he will point and say "tuto!"
6. Every time I or Gavin tells him "I love you" he will try to say it back and the "you" he will point at you. It's the cutest and every single time my heart melts a little more.
7. Some nights he is pretty good at washing his teeth, but some other nights he refuses, to the point he will lay face down on his bed and every time you will get his toothbrush near his mouth, he will move the head the opposite directions. Such a funny boy.
8. Every morning when I drive him to school, before walking him to his classroom, we go and feed the bunnies the school has. He loves to say hi to them, talk to them, and feed them grass. We even through small kisses to call them to come say hi.
9. He gets a few tantrums in the day, maybe 1 or 2, mostly because he wants something and he can't say it. But I try to ask him what it is that he wants, and whenever I name the thing that he wanted, he would say between his tears "ssssi" It is so cute, but so sad at the same time. 
10. He is loving my big belly, and time to time he will get closer to the belly and start kissing it. He even talks to baby, saying "hola" or "hi!"

I cannot believe he is turning 2 years in just 2 months. And afterwards, he will be a big brother. Time really flies!

That's a few things that came up to my mind, but I am sure I will keep adding later in a new post as he gets more and more verbal.


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