Week 17

 Sunday, September 3rd, 2017


Happy September! I still cannot believe we are in September, and pretty soon Christmas will be here. Ok I know, a few more months, but after this month, there will be lots of causes for celebration/ decoration. I love to celebrate even more now that Matias is around and that he understands more and more. I cannot wait to dress him up for Halloween, for example!
Anyways, back to my pregnancy and our weekend. I always feel so spoiled living in Malaysia because we have so many public holidays. Last Thursday and Friday were public holidays, and if that wasn't enough, the PM declared Monday a public holiday (to celebrate Malaysia's success in the SEA Games). So we got a 5 day weekend to just relax, enjoy time together with the family, and avoid morning alarms. On Sunday, we decided to take Matias to a park that is a bit farther away, since it is one of the few parks in KL that is doggie friendly. Matias was in heaven, waving at all the dogs that passed by him. Even at lunch time, he got to be entertained by watching a dog sitting next to him.
As for the pregnancy, I am feeling great. This pregnancy has been a lot different than with Matias pregnancy in terms of food, sickness and mood.

How far long: I am 17 weeks pregnant.
Baby MJ2 size: About the size of a turnip.
Weight gained: I have not weighed myself since last doctor check-up, but hopefully the same as last week.
Miss anything: This week didn't miss anything. 
Belly button: Still in
Best moment this week: I found out a friend is pregnant and I'm always so excited to be pregnant at the same time as a friend, especially when in the same country!
Sleep: Sleeping is still going ok. Just dislike waking up, and going to the toilet twice at night. 
Symptoms: Nada
Food cravings: I crave ice-cream after every meal... Sometimes Gavin will surprise me with one, sometimes I tell myself it is too many ice-creams in a week.
Movements: I think I'm starting to feel tiny small movements, but at the moment I'm not sure if it is baby or just my stomach.
Names/Gender: This week we decided that we will wait until delivery to find out the gender. But we are still talking about possible names.
Looking forward: Getting my yoga instructor back from her holiday, and to more public holidays in September.

Thanks so much for reading and for all the wishes and support!


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