Home Away from Home

Sunday, August 6, 2017


  It has been a very very long time since my last post. To all my regular readers and followers I am sorry it took me this long to write on the blog. I've missed writing on my blog so badly, but I have good reasons for my disappearance. In June, Gavin, Matias and I took a two-week holiday in Europe. We visited three countries, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, and almost 10 cities in total. We were busy driving around each city, trying to make the most of it, while also caring for a wiggly toddler. Words can not really express how special this holiday was for our family. I tried to stay away from my phone the most I could, and just enjoy my two beautiful companions. We had the pleasure to visit family and friends, some of which Gavin hasn't seen in years, and Matias got to see lots of new faces. Europe in the summer was definitely a good idea for us. We spent lots of time outdoors, in the nature, at pools, visiting parks and doing hikes. Hiking was so fun, and we saw really postcard-perfect landscapes in Switzerland. 
After our two weeks in Europe, Gavin went back to Malaysia, and Matias and I flew to Canada to visit Gavin's family. After a week in Ottawa, we jumped on a plane again and flew to Houston to visit my side of the family. Being able to be with the two sides of the family was something that cannot happen so often since we live so far from them. That's why I tried to stay away from social media, and my phone as much as I could, and just be present and live the moment. To be honest, I didn't even miss it, so it was kind of easy to leave my phone on stand by all this time.
Overall, it was 51 days away from our home in Malaysia. It was such an amazing, memorable travel with Gavin and Matias, but at the end I was so glad to get back home, to my own bed, and just get back to our daily routine.
I tried to pick the best photos of our long travel in Europe. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed living them.

Park in Moers, Germany where Gavin used to come when little

Delicious homemade pizza in The Hague, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cheeky little one

Getting a ride by Luke, Gavin's cousin

M for MJ

Playing at the Bugaboo store in Amsterdam

Blue everywhere in Delft 

Delft, Netherlands where Gavin did his Master

Some friends from Gavin's master

It isn't the best focused photo, but just look at MJ's smile

 More photos to come, hopefully in the next days and not in two months hehe xxx


  1. Lovely pictures of Europe! Such an awesome family vacation.

  2. Carolina this is so awesome!! I'm so happy you had 51 days of adventures =) it is refreshing to be disconnected from technology and social media to wholeheartedly enjoy your surroundings! I'm looking forward to more of your travel posts!