First Pregnancy Update for Baby MJ #2

 Sunday, August 27, 2017


Finally I asked Gavin to pull out the camera and snap some bump photos for our first pregnancy update for our baby numero dos. It was extra special since MJ wanted to tagged along, holding my finger the entire photo session. We went to our pool area for our regular Sunday pool time after nap time (all three of us took a nap) and before dipping in the pool Gavin snapped some great photos of me and Matias.
I cannot believe I am starting this pregnancy update all over again. Feels like it was yesterday when I was writing about Matias in my womb and now he is sleeping in his bedroom, playing all day, and just giving us his love all day long. I went back to my first update with Matias, and realized I started writing the updates when I was already 20 weeks pregnant, so it will be interesting this time since I started even earlier.
So here it goes:

How far long: Today I am 16 weeks pregnant.
Baby MJ2 size: About the size of an avocado.
Weight gained: Pre-pregnancy I weighed 51 kg. Now I weigh 53 kg.
Miss anything: Probably the only thing I will be missing throughout this entire pregnancy is sushi, and twisting myself in yoga.
Belly button: Belly button is in, but I am sure it will come out pretty soon.
Best moment this week (or so far): Before Matias goes to bed, we always read books to him. We started reading a few books about becoming a big brother, or what it is like to have a new baby at home. I love that he listens to them, and that he's being part of all this process, coming along to the doctor's appointment.
Sleep: Sleeping relative ok, going to the bathroom just one time during the night, and sometimes MJ sleeps through the night like a champ.
Symptoms: I am so lucky that this pregnancy my morning sickness only lasted for few weeks (around 4 or 5) and it was mostly in the morning. Very different to Matias. At the moment, I feel great like I just gained a lot of weight in my belly.
Food cravings: I don't crave anything particularly, but I crave food in general. I love having snacks with Matias, and love our dinners with Gavin.
Movements: Nada
Names/Gender: We still don't have any names picked, and we might not find out the gender until baby's delivery.
Looking forward: Becoming a family of four, and Matias having a new sibling.

Thanks so much for reading and for all the wishes and support!



  1. You look beautiful Carolina!! I love your updates =D

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