Mother's Day Celebration

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


 This year was my second Mother's Day, and to be honest, is the first one that I feel full of energy and with a little more time to do things around the house. Last year I was nursing Matias, and even though I think nursing is beautiful and important to the baby's development and mother and son attachment, it is also exhausting. After weaning Matias, I realized I had so much more energy and wanting to do more things. Anyways, this year I am not pregnant nor nursing so I wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with other mothers at my place. I invited two moms that both have kids similar age with Matias. The kiddos had a fun time playing around, while we enjoyed tacos and cake. Also, I surprised both moms with a small bouquet to take home since it was their day as well. 
Hope you all celebrated your own mom/wife/partner/role person/etc... last weekend. Once you become a mother, you will understand what your own mother went/goes through and will be all the more appreciative.

PS: Sending my love to all those women, who are pregnant, trying to have a baby, and those who lost a baby. 


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