Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Happy 2017 Easter!!! This is Matias' second Easter, however for his first one he was 3 months old, and barely awake more than 3 hours in a row. This year's Easter we stayed at home and enjoyed a nice brunch. Matias is not big enough to completely understand the idea of egg hunt, so I just made  a goodie basket for him this year.
By the way, how cute are these Easter photos my friend Camila took of Matias. She created the entire Easter area, with eggs and chocolate bunnies and just everything really cute for an Easter photoshoot. Sadly, Matias could only stay still for a few seconds until he either destroyed something or just ran away. Camila was still able to snap a few good ones. 
Hope you all have a happy Easter Sunday, and enjoy this precious time with family and close ones.


Photos by Camila de Abreu

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