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Monday, March 27, 2017



 Finally we booked our tickets for our family Euro trip, and afterwards Matias and I will be traveling to Canada and USA to visit family. We are trilled to visit new places both Gavin and I have never been, although Gavin has visited almost all parts of Europe. The tricky/fun part of it, is that we will be driving from Germany to Netherlands, and then Switzerland back to Germany. Some days we will be driving for 3 hours. It will be fun to see Europe while driving, but tricky because Matias hasn't being in a car for more than an hour. That is why last Saturday with Gavin, we decided to visit the capital of Malaysia called Putrajaya, so Matias could start getting used to being in a car for long periods. This drive was just a short half an hour, which Matias did pretty good. Once we got to the Putra lake, we went on a cruise trip through the lake, and Matias took his nap. It was a very clear day, and super hot. After the cruise, we went inside the Putra Mosque. It was beautiful inside, and massive. It can hold up to 10.000 worshipers. Its basement wall was inspired by the another mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. When you go inside, every woman has to cover their hair and body. Men have to cover their knee. Once inside the prayer hall, everyone has to remove their shoes. When I took my shoes,  I felt the hot stone in my feet, and totally forgot that the sun has been heating all day the ground.
Afterwards, we drove 40 minutes more to an shopping outlet to cool a little more. It was definitely a good start to our driving experience. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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