Thailand Holiday

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


 I'm finally able to sit and write on the blog, after a long break. Between having friends staying with us, a miserable cold, and the permanent role of motherhood, I wasn't able to post anything. We just got back from a (almost) week away in Kao Las, Thailand. This place was extra special since it was once hit by the tsunami some years ago. But today, everything is open, rebuild, and ready to embrace the tourist. 
I flew with Matias and my two friends from Austin on Wednesday afternoon, and Gavin joined us on Thursday night. I won't lie, it was weird to be in a holiday without Gavin, and knowing he was back in KL working. The sacrifices that my man does sometimes. 
The days went by extra fast, since Matias was a little sick and battling with teething. The times that he was happy and cheerful, we spend it by the ocean playing with the sand, swimming in the ocean, and taking naps by the shore. On the day that Gavin returned, Matias took a two-hour nap on Gavin's arms at the beach. He clearly missed his Papa deeply. 
Will be posting more photos of our holiday soon.



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