Pool Time

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Swimsuit: Primark (similar here) // Matias Swimsuit: Carters

It was a beautiful Saturday in KL that we spent most of it at our apartment. After lunch and before Matias afternoon nap we headed to the pool to cool off and enjoy some sun. We were lucky that one of our neighbor was there and knew how to use our camera, so we forced him to shot some family photos. Usually Gavin takes most of the blog's photos, which I am happy he does because he is a great photographer, but sadly that means we never take family photos.
Matias is getting more and more used to the pool. He can get himself out of it, and also in. He went in and out so many times today. Love seen him busy and also enjoying the simple things in life.
Tomorrow is Matias and mine birthday party at our place. So excited for all of our friends to come over, but I always get a little nervous when hosting.


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