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Monday, January 23, 2017


A year ago, early in the morning, a sweet little boy came in my arms and stayed there forever (or until he either needed a diaper changed or was his Papa's turn to hold him). It amazing how much has happened in the last year. Both Gavin and I have grown as persons and as a couple in ways that we never thought we would become. Everyday I learn something new; either from myself or Gavin, or from life or Matias. We try to keep parenthood relaxed but we do worry about the real important things. So if one day Matias has had waaaay too many rice crackers during dinner, but we also managed to all have dinner together, we consider a win for all. Sometimes you just have to choose your battles.
My boy is one year old and these are some of his latest milestones.

How old is he now: Matias is 365 days old! Or 368 by the time I posted this update.
Baby MJ's size and weight: He weighed 8.95 kg. and 75 cm. long.
Best moment this month: To be able to celebrate my first baby's birthday is pretty big in my opinion. Not only he survived a year with us as parents, but we also managed to keep him alive. Going to the Caribbean and UK to spend time with family was really nice as well.
Sleep: After the Christmas break, we decided to follow his cousin sleep training process. It was a rough 5 days to get him used to, but so far he has been sleeping his nights from 7 to 7 am almost a week.
Movements: He is holding on to everything! Doors, strollers, walkers, hands, walls, and so on. Loves to see his environment from a taller view. He is also crawling much faster, and progressing in his hands coordination, nodding, grabbing things, and gentle touch.
Favorite Toy: Loves to destroy the block towers we make for him. Sometimes I am able to put two blocks, and he's already banging at the tower and laughing away. He has plenty of toys, so he is slowly getting to spend more and more time with the toys, and learning new skills.
He Likes To: make us laugh. He started this trick with the food jar lid. Over the holiday, I gave him one lid while having lunch, and he put it in his mouth while he bites on the border of the lid. The entire lid covers his mouth and nose, while he opens and closes his eyes. He likes to see us laugh, which follows with him laughing as well. He also liked the sand and the beach. It took him a few days, but after a week he was crawling into the waves, without realizing the waves actually can cover him. 
Favorite Food: He is finally able to try everything, which before one year he was almost doing. He is eating very well, but some days he just isn't in the mood for some food. He can eat two whole bananas in a day, loves milks, can eat one food pouch in one feeding (its almost as if he was inhaling it), and slowly he is trying more and more new foods.
Mama's experience: Wow, no words can describe how becoming a mother and seeing your child grow everyday actually is. After studying to become a Preschool Teacher, all the courses, and the Master in education cannot prepare you enough for the role of a mother. I am still learning from my mistakes, and from the good decisions. Also, I stopped nursing Matias. It is really sad to stop, but I feel very proud to be able to breastfeed for an entire one year. I will probably write a post about the subject, because there is so much to say about nursing from my own experience.
Looking forward to: Another year with my sweet family!

I will take a little break with this baby's update, until probably his 15 months or 18 months. Thanks to everyone who read this blog all the way back from the beginning or from Matias birth.

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