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Sunday, January 15, 2017


 I am finally able to write a new post, after recovering from jet lag, GI virus, and being away from home for 2 weeks and a half. We had a great time with family in St. Lucia, and it was really sad leaving them especially since Matias was finally getting along more and more with his grandparents, and his cousin. Hopefully, we will be able to visit them in Canada next July.
I have been wanting to write a post about our family, the MJ, so if one day Matias reads this blog he gets to know more about his dad and me. I realized that in March, it will be 5 years since Gavin and I met back in Houston, TX. 5 years doesn't sound like a whole lot, but for our relationship, with ups and downs, is a lot. So here are some of my favorite memories and facts about us.

1. The day we met, thanks to our friend Margarita, he was suppose to met another girl from our group. Guess who got his attention first?
2. The first time we went out, on a friend date according to him, we went biking at a park where I flew out of the bike falling to the ground. He laughed his butt off.
3. We both love traveling. Together we have visited 15 countries and more to come.
4. He can move both of his tiny ears without touching his face.
5. When he proposed he was holding 5 red roses and a can of beer. I always thought the beer was also part of the proposal.
6. I used to called him Dickie (fatty in german) which later transformed into Gordo (fat in chilean). It's in a loving way, cause clearly he is not fat.
7. One of the best parts of pregnancy, was how spoiled I got from him. Since I had morning and afternoon sickness, he cooked almost everyday. He is such a trooper when I am not feeling totally myself, and his food is always tastier than mine.
8. When I had skin cancer on my scalp when we were dating, he stayed the entire time with me at the hospital during the surgery. I couldn't wash my hair for two weeks, and when I finally was able to wash it, he not only washed it but also changed my scar patch. Like I said, he is such a trooper.
9. We are talking more spanish at home than english, so sometimes when he doesn't know the word in spanish he will say what he thinks is spanish combined with french. The last time he didn't know how to say towel in spanish (toalla) so he said: tayulla. Ever since that day, I call towels, tayulla.
10. At the delivery room, how amazing and supporting he was while I was pushing, with his encouraging words to me, while my doctor was telling me I wasn't giving enough push. Seriously, I was only listening to him the whole time.
11. As the time passes, and we welcomed out first baby MJ, I keep realizing how much I need of him in my life, and how we are meant to be together.

I can keep going and going. Love you 

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    This is so beautiful Carolina! You have such a beautiful family! <33