Sunday, December 18, 2016



 Before Matias came into my life, and especially while I was living in NYC, there was a time where I could go to yoga class almost every day, and take yoga workshops every month. After moving to KL, I became a regular at the nearby gym and was taking at least two yoga classes in the week, as well as a few spinning classes as well. Well, as my  husband said when we found out I was pregnant: "That's the end of my I know it." Finding time for me can be hard, especially since I'm a stay-at-home mom, and Im not planning to put Matias into preschool anytime soon. What happens is that when Gavin gets home, I have the choice to either take an hour off and head to the gym, or to spend quality time with the family. Usually, the later wins...
So to stay active, and still enjoy my family time, I decided to start working out at home. I found the "Yoga with Adriane" YouTube channel, and a friend recommended me "Active with D." Both have short workouts that can be easily be part of my daily routine with Matias. 
I started doing yoga while Matias plays near me, and other times I workout when Matias is napping. It doesn't have to be anything hard, or too difficult, which is perfect for a busy mom. 
If you go to my instagram account @carolina_c_mj you can find one video I did of my workout with "Active with D." Trust me, it is not so complicated, does not require a gym membership, and you can do it with your little one around you. 


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