Christmas Party

Monday, December 12, 2016


Once again we have a public holiday. These photos were taken a week ago, at a holiday party at the parent resource group I volunteer every Wednesday. It was the first time that Matias met Santa, and he totally looked at him funny. While Gavin was taking the photo, Matias just looked at Santa, without blinking or smiling, and was analyzing who this person was all dressed up in red with a white beard. It was a lovely party, shared lots of yummy food, and even danced at the "disco room". 
This weekend was busy busy. Saturday, we went to Matias' class, followed by a farewell party and then a former students' birthday party. Luckily, we have the Monday off, so got to sleep extra late (Matias woke up at 9:30 am) today and spent the day at home, eating burritos, and taking long naps (Matias and Gavin are snoozing away at the moment). We are also busy getting things ready for the holiday, writing Christmas cards, ordering presents, and getting last must-have-items for the Caribbean. With all these, I haven't even taken a moment to realized that Matias will turn 11 months in only 8 days!! Where, seriously, has time gone!!!! 
Have a great week!


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