Holiday Time

Monday, December 5, 2016


  In only 16 days we will be traveling to the Caribbean for our holiday with Gavin's family. I cannot wait to play on the beach with MJ and his cousin and enjoy some outdoor adventures and time away from the big city. This year we decided to send Christmas cards to family members and friends while we are in KL. We heard there was a Santa in one of the malls in the city, so we took MJ to meet him. Sadly, it was a little shocking for him at the beginning and MJ didn't want to be in Santa's arms at all. We did snap some cute photos, with our matching outfits. Seriously, how cute is it when the entire family matches, it might become an MJ family tradition.
Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Aww I miss the Pavilion Christmas decorations! Yall look adorable! Have fun on your Caribbean getaway!

    1. We miss you and the whole family! Have a great Christmas with baby girl included!

  2. Digging the matching outfits! Too adorable :) and that looks like a super sweet mall!