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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Last month went by really fast. Didn't it? I just feel like Christmas is around the corner, and my boy is turning one year in less than a month. I remember being super pregnant for Christmas, just returning from our New Zealand trip and imagining how great it would be next year celebrating Christmas with Matias for the first time. And the expectations did come true. Everywhere I go with Matias, I am singing songs and showing him Christmas trees or ornaments. This won't be a white Christmas as the ones his dad got when growing up, but nevertheless it will be amazing at the beach.

Here's Matias' quick update:

How old is he now: Matias is 11 months old.
Baby MJ's size and weight: He weighed 8.8 kg. a week ago.
Best moment this month: Getting into the Christmas spirit. We handed Christmas cards to the guards while wearing Santa hats in the condo. Of course we also went to meet Santa.
Sleep: Very up and down lately. Sometimes sleeps 4 hours in a row, and others just 2 hours when he is asking for more milk.
Movements: He is extending arms to be picked up, mostly from his high chair when he is done eating, and needs to be rescued from me who has been trying to feed him with no luck. He also loves to sit up and spin around in 360 circles. It looks so funny but it is something very normal in his day to day activities. He started to stand while holding on to everything, i.e. legs, chairs, bathtubs, walls, doors, etc.
Favorite Toy: He started to throw balls at anyone who is near him. He loves every ball in the world, and would chase them all day if he could. Loves to play with his hands, tongue, and everything that is suppose not to be a toy.
He Likes To: He likes to share his food with mama, papa, and nanny. If he is drinking his smoothie, he would put it close to my mouth and I have to pretend to drink it. Same with carrots, apples, and anything that he likes to eat. He likes to sit crisscross always, and his toes always have to touch. It is the cutest ever!
Favorite Food: He now has 7 teeth, which is great to start eating more and more normal food, so he decided he is not a baby anymore and refuses to eat most of the baby food that I make. The store bought fruit purees are usually an exception, he loves them (most of the time).
Mama's experience: It was really fun to see him graduate from his class at "The Little Gym". He even got his first medal that he carried and ate all day long. 
Looking forward to: Christmas and New Year holiday in the Caribbean!! It will be the first time for Matias and I to be in St. Lucia, so looking forward to all the excitement of scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and of course, most important, being with family.


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