Thursday, November 10, 2016


We didn't go too big this year's Halloween, since we were in Hong Kong for the weekend leading up to it. Because we live in an apartment, it is kind of hard for the kids to come to every floor for candies. So everyone who wants to give out candies in our complex has to decorate their car's trunk and the kiddies go around the parking lot from car to car, they call it "Trick or Treat". After that, then there was an organized pot luck on the common floor where we enjoyed a mix of good foods (and sweets!) The evening went really well, although it was hot in the basement parking lot, and my little dragon was too hot in his costume.
On Friday, the two of us went to a Halloween party at "The Little Gym", a place we go every week to enjoy play time with other kids in an active environment. Matias was definitely the cutest of all (not that I am biased...) in his costume, which he stayed in the entire two hours. Thankfully there was AC which helped him not to sweat in the costume.
We loved dressing up as a family. Definitely looking forward to many more Halloweens with the family and friends. I will try for a less hot costume next year that's for sure.


PS: If you don't recognize our family costumes or don't know about Game of Thrones, we were Rob Stark-Jon Snow (they didn't have a black outfit), Khalessi, and on the three dragons.

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