Monday, November 14, 2016


Yay!! Finally I can reveal Matias bedroom and I love how it turned out. It is definitely our favorite place of the house to hang out. Everything inside the room has a special meaning to us, and I just love the feeling the entire room has. I know one day I will look back at Matias' bedroom and remember all the play time we did in there, all the sleepless nights that Matias had, and the never ending diaper changes that we did.
I tried not to go over board on the spending list just because we just moved to a new apartment, and furnishing an empty apartment can be quite expensive sometimes. Some of the items I got from IKEA (love good old IKEA) which were cheap and baby friendly, and other items I got secondhand, like his tent (just $4) and many of his books (covering four languages) and toys. My mom also sent me a few items like the changing pad, the mobile that Matias adores, and the cute Peter Rabbit stuffed animal, to name a few. 
For the furniture, I went with all white because white tends to make rooms more big, open, and just overall more airy. I also like having one neutral color throughout the room with other items in the room to pop the color. The Lorax paintings are such a great way to make the room more child oriented and to brighten up the space. Our sister-in-law's mom gave it to Matias all the way from Canada and delivered by my parents-in-law in KL.
You can see more of the room in my instagram stories @carolina_c_mj


PS: Remember to check the super moon tonight!

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