Matias' Sleep

Friday, November 18, 2016


What a rough and unexpected couple of weeks we had in the MJ household. From waking up once or twice at night, my little boy decided to wake up almost every hour, and at times stay up for almost two hours. The thing is, I was not prepared for this sleep regression. Sure, I previously heard about the 4th month regression, which Matias was out of in two weeks maximum. But I never heard of the 8-9-10 month old sleep regression. All of a sudden, Matias was waking up five times a night, at least.
So why do I want to share this not so happy event in our sleeping journey? I want to share it because, although it is exhausting and it sometimes seems like he will never sleep through the night again, it also means that my little boy is growing. He cannot sleep through the night since his brain is growing, developing and progressing in order to take in all his new experiences. I can notice it while observing him playing around the apartment. He is starting to do more difficult tasks than his usual ones. For example, he is holding on to furniture and trying to stand up. Same thing with his crib. When he wakes up, he tries to lift himself up by holding onto the crib's bars. This progression in his skills and abilities is bringing a regression in his sleep, but also preparing me for a one-year-old son. I still cannot believe an entire year has almost gone by. And sooner than later, my little boy will not need me at nights and gone will be the nights where he slept on my arm while kicking me and Gavin to make more space for himself on the bed.
By the way, I love these photos of him opening the drawer. He is becoming so determined to explore every inch of the apartment and to learn what we keep in all of the drawers. Oh Matias, the places that you will go....


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