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Sunday, November 20, 2016

We had a great Sunday, celebrating one of my friend's baby girl's birthday and later going to the pool at our place. It was a great day for Matias' 10 month day. We had croissant, quiche, and leftover empanadas. He did wake up a little too early after we went out for a Spanish party Saturday night at our condo. 
This little fella turned 10 months old and he is growing and growing and no one can stop him. At times it seems I am putting a diaper on a tiger rather than my little peaceful boy. One thing that calms him is singing a  Hello song that we sing and sign every time we go to his baby sensory class. He immediately stops moving/turning/ kicking and just looks and hears me sing and sign the song.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Here's Matias' update:

How old is he now: Matias is 10 months old.
Baby MJ's size and weight: He weighed 8.3 kg. two weeks ago.
Best moment this month: Our trip to Hong-Kong went really well, and he was a champ at taking his nap throughout the day, and sleeping in the airplane. It gives me some peace of mind to think he will do great in our upcoming Christmas holiday to the Caribbean.
Another great moment, was while I was Facetiming my mom and she said "bravo" to Matias, and all of the sudden he clapped. Then, I said bravo and he clapped again. It was so cute to see him make this connection of clapping with the word bravo.
Sleep: We had some good nights, where he only woke up twice. And we had some bad nights where he woke up 5 or 6 times. Some hypothesis that we have with Gavin are: 
1. He had and still has a cold the last week, which might be the reason why he cannot breathe normally and makes him wake up this often.
2. He is going through a sleep regression since he is starting to stand up and he is developing more of his brain.
3. He just wants to have milk from his Mama and cuddle afterwards in his parents bed.
If any of you have been through this and have some good tips, please please leave your solution.
Movements: All of a sudden he wants to stand. He holds on to my fingers, and starts waking around the house. It is amazing to see the mobility that he has now, and even though he is stable when sitting, at times he does fall back which is his way to tell us he is tired and done sitting around. One night I came to pick him up for his night feeding, and I found him standing in his crib and holding to the bars. It was such a surprise because he was trying to do this days before and he couldn't. He just needed to be sleepy and agitated to pull himself up.
Favorite Toy: One of his favorite toys right now is this baby book "First Words". It isn't really considered a toy, but it is the best entertainment at the moment. He sits very still while I go through the images and names them for him. At times, I could read it three times straight and he would not move at all. 
He also loves balloons. He will chase any balloon that comes on his way, and when he get his hand on one, he will squeeze it and bite it at the same time. It is such a nerve-racking situation because I am always thinking he will pop the balloon.
He Likes To: He loves the water. Swimming lessons have been so much fun lately. He still doesn't like to dunk his entire head in the water, but he is learning to jump into to my arms in the water at the count of three. He likes any type of shoe and once he has the shoe in his hands he likes to put it in his mouth, which is the worst thing ever. And also he likes to play with any cable that he can find around the house. I actually tell him not to eat them while putting a straight face and he normally then laughs and drops the cable. It's so cute and at times he will try to pick it up again while looking at me to see if I am going to say something at him.
Favorite Food: He has 4 teeth which makes eating a little more easy and fun for him. He loves to eat the same food that we are having and just feed himself. He does get messy at eating time, but I do let him do it since it is fun for him and babies need to get messy. He loves anything sweet, plus yogurt, broccoli, pasta, and chicken.
Mama's experience: Although the nights haven't been easy for anyone in the family, I do get to have one or two naps during the day when Matias sleeps. He falls asleep in my arms and we just snooze away together. Last week we went on a playdate with two friends from the condo, that have two boys similar age as Matias. It is so interesting to see how they interact with each other, and how their personalities are developing so differently at such a young age.
Looking forward to: Celebrating Gavin's birthday next Saturday. This one will be his first as a father. I cannot wait to spend this day with them and some friends. Maybe Matias will have a small bite of the birthday cake that I ordered!


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