Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It was a nice weekend with my boys. Finally both of them are healthy and no more sickness around this family. We tried to enjoy as much as possible of the last weekend in KL before our trip to Hong Kong. We leave next Thursday. I still need to pack our bags and have to leave everything ready for our Halloween party the following Monday.
On Saturday morning, we went to the National Library of KL which they had a health event for families. At the children's library, there was a tooth fairy show and teaching kids how to clean their teeth. We had to leave early for Matias baby sensory class, but we met a lovely lady who was volunteering at an orphanage, which was doing an outing at the library.
We are so ready to celebrate Halloween on our way back from Hong Kong. We got some decoration, and a few clothing items for Matias to dress him previous to Halloween day.
Oh.. and Matias is teething at the moment. His two upper teeth are coming out. That explains why he is sucking on his thumb. Hopefully once his teeth are out he gets back to his normal sleeping pattern at night.
Hoping you have a great week ahead!

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