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Sunday, October 16, 2016


I am currently writing this post in bed, with Matias in the middle of Gavin and I. It's 9 am and Matias is still snoozing away. Sometimes life couldn't get any better than enjoying the real simple moments like these ones.
It was a rough two weeks for my boys. First, Matias got a viral virus, that started with two days of fever and then a rash all over his body, called Roseola. After that Gavin got sick, with high fever, chills, and sore throat. We thought it was dengue (very common right now in Malaysia) or the same virus that Matias had a few days ago. After 5 days of being sick Gavin finally recovered and then it was Matias' turn again. He went down with a high fever of 39.1 C, which is very scary for a little guy like him. I visited the doctor once again,who reassured me that it was nothing and that he was recovering fast. 
Well...fingers crossed that this mama right here doesn't get sick. After taking care of these two sick boys I am definitely looking forward to our vacation at the end of the month. It is time to relax and enjoy some fun times together as a family!
One of the consequences of Matias being sick is that he got extra attached to me (or he has developed his secure attachment to his primary caregiver (me!!!!!)) Before, anyone who was friendly to him and tried to hold him, Matias would let them and he would go immediately. Now, if anyone tries to do the same, he will look at them with a poker face and then turn his face to my shoulder and grab my arm tight. I cannot complain about it, love being loved by my little boy.
Hope your week and Saturday were sickness-free.


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