Family Time

Friday, October 6, 2016


Last Monday was a public holiday in Malaysia, so we headed early in the morning to the lake at the KL Lake Gardens park. It is always nice to get out of the house early because the heat hasn't come yet and there aren't too many mosquitos. 
We really like this park, not only because of the lake, but because of the various different areas that are nice to walk around. There are botanical gardens, picnic areas, grassy areas to play sports, various artistic displays, and even a small waterfall (man-made though hehe). It is so crazy to think that last year Gavin and I used to come walk while I was pregnant with Matias, and now, almost a year later ,Matias joins us in our walks. He is such a good sport, he doesn't complain about the heat or that the stroller cover keeps falling on him.
On Father's day, I gave Gavin a matching t-shirt with Matias, and I just love when they are wearing it together. How cute they look, right? I love that it is in Spanish and shows exactly what each of them want more of. 
The weekend is almost here!!

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