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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Matias has reached his 9 months mark, and I cannot believe how much he has grown from the day he reached this planet. He is crawling (command style), clapping, laughing, and teething at the moment. He still loves food, especially bread, cheese, fruits, and anything that his mama is eating or drinking.
It has been a fun and rough month as a mother and wife, having one little one sick, then the not-so-little-one sick afterwards really got me tired and exhausted. At least, I went to bed exhausted but with a full heart of love from my boys.

Here is Matias' update for his 9 month old post:

How old is he now: Matias is 9 months old.
Baby MJ's size and weight: He weighed 8.05 kgs. last Wednesday.
Best moment this month: After Matias recovered from his two weeks os sickness (first he had Roseola, and then he got a seasonal flu), he became aware of his mama and who is the one who takes care most care of him during the day. He gave me lots of cuddle time, and even refused to be held by other people by holding tight to my arm. We also made new friends in our gym classes, and I love to see Matias getting more and more curious about his surroundings. He used to stay sit at his class in the gym, but now he is going around the class to see his friends, and to test the gym equipments.
Sleep: If I have to use one word, it would be rough. Ok, maybe it isn't rough for some moms, but after getting used to having Matias almost sleep through the night, it was rough for me to have a baby wide awake at 4 am and going back to sleep at 6 am. Between his high fever, virus, and teething, his sleep got jeopardize big time. I am so grateful he his back to waking up only one time at night, and going back to sleep after his night feeding.
Movements: His crawling got really fast all of the sudden, and we rented a walker for him which he is enjoying so so much. He now can move around our bedroom, and see things that he couldn't before when crawling. We are taking his walker done to the pool area where he plays with his other friends, and the other kids love it too. So definitely it was a good idea to get it this month.
Favorite Toy: He loves to chew on my shoulder or any string that I might have in my clothes. I am removing some of his old toys, and swapping for others so he can learn new things with them, and also to keep him more curious about his toys. We keep some miniature stuffed animals that we collected with Gavin before Matias came from every country we went to. Matias loves to stretch his arms to the stuffed animals (we keep them on a book shelf high from him) when I am holding him on my arms, and choose one to play with.
He Likes To: I can say he likes everything. Loves going in his car seat and see the different things of the city through his window. I made a curiosity box, where I added few items from home and baby friendly. He loves to check what is inside the box, and play with them. Usually, he will end up playing with the box than with the items. He loves to laugh, and loud. When people do peakaboo with him, he cracks himself up, and laughs really loud. And the most comic toys recently, is Papa's nipple. Matias realized his papa has nipples, and he is so curious about them. Anytime Matias sees the nipples, he attacks them like is the most fun thing in the world, and tries to squeeze them. Poor Papa, time to wear a shirt at home. 
Favorite Food: E-V-E-RY-T-H-I-N-G. I am lucky to say that my boy is willing to try anything and love everything. I am not-so-happy to say that my boy might eat the same as his dad when he grows up. He loves food, and enjoys having lunch and dinner with us. I am giving him so finger food for him to feed himself, but I am also giving him so pureed food as well. I tried self-weaning, but he only sucked the juice out of the food, and pulled the for out of his mouth. He actually lost some weigh with this, and being sick twice also lost his appetite for a few days.
Mama's experience: I can truly admire all those mothers who struggle with teething, not sleepers, and sick babies. It is not easy to be a mom on those moments, but when our baby is all healthy and happy it really feels great to be a mother and every sleepless night was totally worth it.
Looking forward to: Our Hong-Kong trip at the end of the month, and Halloween. We got a family costume planned out this year. Our condo in KL celebrates it by decorating the trunk of the car, and by a potluck dinner at the pool area.

PS: I went overboard with the photos, but I just loved them all so much, and his facial expressions are different from one picture to the next one that it was too hard to pick them.

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  1. What a great thing to look back on - love it