Monday, September 19, 2016



This weekend, fortunately enough, was another long weekend. Friday was a public holiday again (remember there are 19 public holidays in KL). We didn't go on any trip this weekend, since we didnt plan properly in advance and the last-minute prices for airfare and hotels are way too expensive for just a few days. However, we did manage to book our next holiday..to Hong-Kong! We will be traveling at the end of October when Matias is 9 months old already. Kind of hard to believe he will be that old so soon.
On Sunday morning, Matias decided to sleep extra hours, waking up at 8:20. We had a relaxed morning breakfast, and later headed for lunch in the nearby mall. Right now there's a Chinese festival happening, and everywhere you go you can see people eating mooncakes. Mooncakes are these white bread looking pastries with a filling inside. I have never tried them, but it might be the time for one.
Also, yesterday I left some of my new teething products at a very popular baby store here (Baby Loft in Publika)! I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity and I hope that other mom's can enjoy my teething necklaces.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


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