Swimming Lessons

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Last Friday Gavin and I took Matias to his first swimming lesson. Since it was a holiday, Gavin had the opportunity to be in the pool with Matias and they both learned a few new tricks in the pool. We decided to introduce Matias to the water at a very young age, around 2 months old. We want him to be comfortable in the water and swimming early because everywhere that we go in KL there's a pool. Fortunately, he really enjoys it!
The lesson was short and lasted until Matias got too cold and wanted to get out. It was surprising to see how well he did with his kicking in the water, although he did not like the time the instructor slowly dunked him.
Since it is summer year round in Malaysia we are getting pretty good with the pool essentials. We always have hats, sunscreen, and a bathing suit on hand. Actually, lots of playdates for Matias require swimsuits. I love this little swimsuit for boys, and this is his favorite water toy at the moment:

Hope you all have a good rest of the week.


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