Baby Boy Cuddles

Thursday, August 31, 2016


We are finally all recovered and feeling great after our week-long of cold, flu, and way too many tissues laying around the house. I guess I always give from granted that I am healthy and that Matias never has had a serious illness. Sometimes you need to feel a little sick to realized how great it feels to be healthy and free of sickness. 
Yesterday was Malaysia's 59th anniversary of their independence from the British Empire was officially declared. The country usually celebrates with a parade commemorating the day. For us, it meant a slow morning, and some time at the pool. 
These photos were taken one of the days that Gavin came home earlier from work because he was feeling too sick for work. Matias was extra happy to have his parents at home, and having his Papa cuddle him in bed. I had to snap some photos of the two of them. Currently, Matias loves to grab our faces, and Gavin's nose and squeeze it really hard. At least he can practice some hand grip coordination. 

Hope your week is going great.


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  1. Too cute!! Love this post! xo