Saturday, September 3rd, 2016


 Today's post is about a few assorted things that I want to write down for posterity and to make sure they stay in our memories. Maybe (hopefully!) one day my little boy will read this blog and see how happy our life was when he was just 7 months old and we were living in Malaysia. After all this blog was meant to keep my and Gavin's journey through parenthood.

1. Every few days strangers, for example at the mall, will come to me or to Gavin when we are holding Mati, and ask for a photo of him. Why? Why would they want a photo of him? I am still debating if it is weird or not. Thoughts?

2. Mati loves his fruits. For lunch or dinner time he fights against eat the veggies and meat, but when I give him a taste of his dessert (usually some fruit compote mixed with one veggie, like apple, pear, and spinach) his face lights up and he eats it all.

3. We just got a hybrid electric car (a Honda Insight), and I love love love it. The a/c inside works great, very important for a hot and humid city such as KL. It is so funny when I stop the car, the car goes into an auto stop mode. Electric cars rock!

4. Last week we moved Matias to his room. In some countries, for example Chile and Germany, babies are moved to their own bedroom at a very young age. He did great, didn't even notice he was in another room the next morning. His room looks really adorable with the crib, and our bedroom suddenly feels huge.

5. Season 2 of Narcos is on Netflix! Now you guys know what I will be watching for the next month (couple of days).

6. Gavin bought Matias one of those play station centers which he loves it. He can now see us from a standing position view, and loves to play/eat all the toys from the center.

7. I am thinking of starting a little shop dedicated for babies. The idea has been floating on my mind these past weeks. There's a lot of brainstorming happening right now. I guess one of the big limits to starting it is my own fear of failure. This quote from Maya Angelo keeps me motivated and focus:

Image by Quotegram

8. Everyone needs to watch this cute baby video. I am sure one day Matias will be doing the same thing in his high chair. My mom sent me this video and I had to share it. So stinkin' cute!


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