Mobday, September 26, 2016


Over the last few weeks we have been thinking on upgrading our current Canon DSLR to a newer model. We are both very interested in photography and since we want to capture good-quality images for Matias and the blog, we have a reason to invest in a higher-end camera.
This weekend Gavin signed us up to a Canon product release seminar at which three professional photographers would give a lecture and answer a Q+A. There was also the opportunity to look at some equipment and try the new Canon 5D Mark IV. We had a quick lunch at a local restaurant, and then enjoyed the seminar. It was great to see the different features that the camera has in a live demonstration. Matias did so well, he played a little bit with his toys, smiled at people, and even napped for a few long minutes in my arms. Recently he has been falling asleep quite easily in mine or Gavin's arms, without using the carrier. We are loving the extra cuddles we get from this.
I wore this wrapped dress, that I love since it is so easy to nurse Matias with it. This one is perfect for the fall season and is also nursing friendly.

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