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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Matias turned 8 months today. It is hard to believe that in only 4 more months he will turn one year old. How crazy is that? There have been a lot of changes and developments in the past month since the last baby's update post. Matias is becoming more aware of his environment, he is very good at being with people as well as kids his age, he likes to listen to adults talking, and he started crawling this week.

Here are a few more details about Matias' 8 month old update:

How old is he now: Matias is 8 months old.
Baby MJ's size and weight: He weighed 8 kgs. last Wednesday.
Best moment this month: It was really incredible to see his crawling develop throughout this month. He started by just moving one arm to grab something very close by to him. Later, he moved two arms, and today he is fully in motion on the floor with his army style crawling.
Sleep: He has his good and bad nights. The good ones are the ones he sleeps straight from 9 pm until 5 am. The bad ones, he will wake up two or even three times at night. The funny thing about his sleep, some nights Gavin and I don't even remember how many times he woke up, or who brought him into our room. Hoping he starts to sleep a little longer these nights.
Movements: He is able to get on all fours, and rocks his bum back and forward, until he gets tired and collapses on the floor. It is the cutest to watch. Also, he moves all his arms and legs, especially when he is in his high chair, and does some funny yoga poses up in his chair.
Favorite Toy: He can hold on to his maraca for a good hour at least. I must confess, we have lost a few of his toys when we have taken them for outings, so I love that he holds his maraca very tight, and if it falls, I can easily hear the noise it makes. He is exploring more of his play area. He likes the music basket, which he crawls to it, then he dumps all the instruments and looks through the mess until he finds the one he wants at that moment.
He Likes To: Grab any toy that is next to his car seat the moment I seat him. He would stretch his right arm until he manages to get a toy for the ride. He also likes his gym class with his mama and his friends, he loves the water, and loves kicking in the pool. He did very well at his first swimming lesson last Friday. He likes to listen to his papa's storytelling since it means that he gets to play with papa's nose.
Favorite Food: We introduced yogurt, but he doesn't like the acidity of it. He will only eat it if its mixed with the fruit puree. He still likes all of mama's food, but generally he wants the sweet desert food rather than the meal.
Mama's experience: It was really great to have two holidays in one week. We had lots of family time with Gavin at home, and even had friends over for lunch and pool. I have been trying to start my small business, so have been approaching baby stores, and I am hoping that it goes well. If it doesn't at least I tried, and I have been enjoying this whole experience. Of course, I wouldn't be able to do all this mama thing, look decent, and start the shop without the help of my best friend Gavin.
Looking forward to: Taking Matias to his swimming lesson again, and teaching him more skills in the water. He really can kick in the water, so I am so excited to be part of his swimming develop.

PS: Mati if you are reading this post... Usually your Papa takes these photos but since he was at work I had to do it. Sorry sweetie if these are not the best ones - Marilyn was making faces so you could look at the camera, and you also had a big spit up in the middle of the shooting. Promise I will keep learning how to use our camera.


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