Friday, August 25, 2016


The past two weeks we got our first sibling visit from my youngest brother Max. We got both parents from each side visited us, and Gavin's aunt and uncle last year as well, but never a sibling. It was so nice to have family with us, especially consider the air travel is so long to Malaysia. My brother is currently getting ready to head to the UK for his master, so he had some free time to spend with Matias and us.
We took him to our favorite indian Tandoori restaurant in town, and of course he loved it. They make the best cheese naan in all Kuala Lumpur.
The day we took this photos, there was a birthday party in our condo, and they ordered a gelato cart for the birthday. We had our eyes on the gelato, and didn't realized it was ONLY for the birthday haha.
I love spending time with family, and just talk really fast Spanish and actually someone understand me. I am still hoping that Gavin becomes fluent in Spanish one day. Matias will have to teach his Papa how to say almost everything in Spanish that's for sure.

Best of luck in everything you do Max!!!! Thanks for visiting your favorite nephew hehe. See you in the UK.


PS: Matias loves wearing his crown. People who see him with it call him "King Matias". He looks adorable in it.

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