Baby MJ

Tuesday, August 8, 2016


Yes, my little baby boy got his first tooth on Saturday 6th, August 2016. He was 6 months and a half old. The funny thing was that if I haven't put my fingers inside his mouth, we won't had not realized. I have been hearing painful stories about teething, including fuzziness, fever, outrageous diapers, and non-stop drawling. Well, Matias barely told us he had his first tooth. He didn't  show any of the common symptoms, except for refusing his solid food, but nothing that a good airplane spoon done by his papa cannot fix.
It is unbelievable how fast everything goes with a baby. Just a few weeks ago we started giving him solids, and now he his loving all this food, specially watermelon, peach, and sweet potato. Hopefully the next tooth comes out as smooth as the first one.


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