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Wednesday, July 20, 2016





My sweet little boy has reached the age of 6 months, in what appears to be the fastest six months of my life. I remember in school how long it felt to go through one semester just waiting for the mid-year vacation. I didn't know that once I became a mother, the months would feel like weeks and days just like short minutes. Matias is everything I ever dreamed of a baby. He smiles every morning when he sees my face (and Papa's face of course), he enjoys solid food as if his mom was a professional chef with 3 Michelin stars, and he rolls with the flow (literally) throughout the day making every moment very relaxed and easy breezy.
I cannot wait to experience the next 6 months of his life. There will be so many firsts in the near future; I can tell.

Here's Matias update:

How old is he now: Matis is 6 months old today.
Baby MJ's size and weight: He weighs 7.3 kg and his height is 67 cm.
Best moment this month: It is very hard to find one special moment this last month, because there are too many. Matias got to meet a few family members and friends of ours. Also, my family moved to a new place, and Matias got a new bedroom and swimming pool. He mastered the art of rolling over, and had his first solids.
Sleep: He is still waking up in the night. Now, he is religiously waking up at 2:30am for eating, and sometimes will wake up at 5am for more food, or around 6:30am. He takes 3 naps a day, and usually they last 45 minutes. He is really good at falling asleep fast, either in the carrier or by himself (yay!). He is really good at knowing when he is tired and to let me know he wants to sleep.
Movements: He loves to grab his toes and eat them. He looks around at his surroundings when he is in my arms, and observes every single thing that's happening. He usually is happy in my arms, and if I am talking to someone, he will listen closely to our conversation like he wants to say something as well.
Favorite Toy: Everything is a toy for him - my cellphone, a spoon, a paper, you name it. He does love to grab any toy that is around him, and moves around and makes noises telling us he wants it. He likes to hold his little crab during bath time, and the monkey with different sensory items. He also likes anything that goes in his sight when he is laying down.
He Likes To: Go to his baby sensory class, and see other babies crawling around and making noises around him. Loves when you take him to the changing table, or when you change his clothes and tickle his belly and cover him in kisses. While drinking milk, he moves his free hand around my face, almost like petting me and feeling every part of my face. I love these moments so much.
Favorite Food: He loves everything that I have introduce him so far. He eats apple and pear puree, sweet potato with carrots and peas, and brown rice. He is still drinking mama's milk and loves it so much.
Mama's experience: I am so grateful for having such a loving, happy, cheerful, little boy with me. He makes my days so much fuller than I could imagine, and so much more busy of course.
Looking forward to: This weekend we are leaving to the old town of Penang for a yoga retreat and the whole family is going to enjoy some time at the pool/ocean while drinking fresh coconut water. And I will get to relax with some yoga at the beach.
Not looking forward to: My little boy growing up!!! Please stay this tiny forever mini Mati!


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  1. OW! Your baby boy is soooo cute. He is only 7.3 KG? Our baby girl is nearly 6 KG in 2,5 months. I love to see how different every baby is. They are all perfect in their own way!