Wedding weekend

Saturday, July 2, 2016


One of the main reasons I flew with Gavin and Matias to the USA was to attend the wedding of one of my brother. We wanted to introduce Matias to the family as well, so we thought going to the states was a great time to be with family and even be part of this life changing event for my brother and his fiancée.
They got married in Austin, TX where my brother did his medical residency and where he and his wife met. Also, my parents live in Houston, TX, which is just a two hour drive away from Austin. We spent some days before the wedding with my parents, and then drove to Austin. My parents-in-law even flew over to meet us and be with little Matias. My brother that lives in California and his girlfriend from Chile also flew over to Austin to join for the weekend. Sadly, one brother couldn't come due to work conflicts. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and very traditional. The reception was at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Austin and it was such a fun time. I will never forget this night, specially because it was the first wedding that Matias attended, and the first time that Gavin and I danced and partied since Matias was born.
It was very nice to be surrounded by family and for everyone to meet our cute little boy.
The morning after the wedding, my family and some of my brother's friends met up for breakfast at Kerbey Lane, where they have oh so yummy gluten free gingerbread pancakes, and one of the best quesadillas I have ever had. I am still dreaming about their whole menu.

I wish the best to my brother and his wife - many years together, and cute nephews/nieces for me to cuddle and adore!


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