Yoga Retreat

Tuesday, July 26, 2016



I was away from the blog this weekend because my family and I went to the island of Penang, on the West coast of Malaysia. I was invited to a yoga retreat in Penang by my yoga instructors. I have never been to one, even though I have been practicing yoga for 10 plus years I was very lucky that Gavin could take one day off from work and bring the entire family along to my retreat.
On day one, we all met early in the morning with our bags. Of course, the day we had to wake up early, Mati decided to sleep longer than usual. After 5ish hours of travel, we got to our hotel in Penang. We enjoyed good local food at the hotel restaurant and some delicious kombucha brewed at home by the instructor. Definitely need to start making kombucha at home.
In the afternoon, we did an hour of yoga in front of the beach. It was so lovely to be able to hear the waves from the ocean, practice with all the other yogis, and let Gavin spend time alone with little Matias.
It was a very short day, but everything went great. Mati got uber spoiled by all the yogis that cuddled and carried him whenever it was possible.

Hope your weekend was as memorable as mine!



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