Sunday, July 3, 2016



Our weekend ended been a little busier with our packing and moving approaching in a week and a half. We decluttered our apartment from old clothes, to magazines that we will never reread again.It is funny how sometimes men and women have a different view on decluttering the home. At the end, though, we managed to keep our place looking  a little better than before.
With Matias waking up a little earlier now, just 8 am., we are starting to be more productive in the mornings. On Sunday, we all managed to be out the door at 8:45 for a morning troll around the park. It actually felt really good to be active early on the day, and enjoyed that it wasn't too hot or humid.
On a different note, I wanted to share my father's day present. We spent it in San Francisco, but because our luggage didn't arrive on time, I had to give Gavin his present a day later. On his first father's day, I got him a matching shirt with Matias from Jean & June. The shop had a special tee for fathers (or mothers too) saying "Más cerveza". I also got Matias a onesie that says "Más leche." Finally, both were able to wear it together this weekend (other times, Matis got it dirty with spit ups just the second I put it on him). So we took some photos of them together, and with Gavin's motorcycle, since he sold it on Sunday. We are glad the motorcycle finally got sold, but sad too. Such a bitter sweet good bye.
Monday won't be a holiday for us (Happy 4th to everyone in the USA) but we will have Wednesday and Thursday holiday for Ramadan.
Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend (Happy Canada day as well!).


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