Monday, July 18, 2016


We have moved to our new apartment and we are definitely settling in very nicely. We worked all weekend, trying to get boxes out of our sight. There are only 4 boxes hunting me in the bedroom, and a few other ones at the storage room.
My family is so happy at the new place. Everything is organized in drawers, and there is more space for Matias to lay around and leave his spit ups on every floor possible.
This weekend, we enjoyed another baby sensory class, and Matias is definitely liking them a lot. He was very attentive to other children, and to the different activities the teacher showed to him. Also, we relax at the new pool, which is our favorite activity on the weekends.
Hope your weekend went great. Now, I will enjoy the free wifi at the italian restaurant Matias and I are at the moment.


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