Yoga Retreat

Friday, July 29, 2016


Happy Friday! This week went by faster than expected for me. With Matias we did a few errands around the city, and even went on a play date. I am super excited for the weekend, enjoy some food with friends, maybe some pool time with Matias, and we will be definitely back at Matias' baby sensory class this Saturday.
Today, I wanted to share my second day in the yoga retreat that I and my family went on last weekend. While I woke up at 6 am on Saturday morning, my boys stayed in the hotel room, cuddling and counting sheeps. The morning yoga lasted 2 hours and a half, with a combination of meditation, partner yoga, sun salutation, and of course savasana at the end.
After breakfast, we all went on a tour to visit an organic farm on the other side of the island. We learned about the farmer's friendly farming method, and about the history of his land. I also adventured myself to try durian. A local fruit, known as the king of fruits, and with a very strong smell and taste. Almost everyone loves them here. As for me, I will stay away from it for now.
Later that day, my family enjoyed the ocean and the pool until it was time to dinner. I finished my day with a neck massage by the beach.
I sure enjoyed our weekend at the beach.


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