Baby Weekend

Monday, July 11, 2016


The other day, we were all at the pool enjoying our last days at this condo, when we had the pleasure to meet an Australian family that lives in the same condo. I always appreciate meeting new people, specially if they have little ones, since they can share their own stories of raising their kids in KL. This friend introduced us to a few programs in KL, all for babies and families.
One of these programs is called Baby Sensory. Baby Sensory is a UK program, designed for babies from birth until 13 months. The programs helps develop each sense of the baby to the maximum with a variety of props. With Gavin, we decided to give it a try last Sunday. It runs for a whole one hour, which went by really fast. The first part, Gavin and Matias played together with the instructor and 5 other babies. Later, I was able to join for some play time. We sang songs while at the same time signing with sign language. Also, we played with some maracas, jingles, balloons, and flashy pom-poms. Matias was happy the entire time, and laughed a couple of times. I loved that other babies came crawling to see the youngest baby of the class, and Matias got to meet other friends.
We will definitely try it next week since Matias had a good time and it helps him to explore more of his senses.
You can check my snapchat for more videos and photos of Matias' first ever class. Username: carolinamenzelj

Hope your weekend went great!!!

PS: I can't believe in 9 days Matias will turn 6 months :)


  1. This looks like such a fun place to bring your baby! I wish they had something like this near us...

    Rach (