Sunday, June 12, 2016


I have been MIA for the past week and temporarily abandoned the blog. The reason is that I travelled to the USA with Gavin and Matias last Sunday and we haven't stopped going since. Every day has been one thing after another, such as lunch with former coworkers, followed by some baby clothes shopping, and then finishing the night with dinner with friends. I am not complaining, but it is quite exhausting as we also take Matias everywhere we go (since everyone wants to meet him). We are so lucky to have so many friends in town who can spare the time on short notice see us. This holiday has been a blast.
This weekend my second oldest brother got married in Austin, TX. We drove over from Houston on Thursday and met my in-laws at a wine and cheese that my brother put on. It was also so great for my two older brothers to meet Matias for the first time. It has been a fun weekend, including rehearsals, the wine and cheese, and of course the main event: the wedding on Saturday evening. We danced until our feet were exhausted and the music ended. I think it has been at least a year since the last time that Gavin and I went dancing.
On Monday, we will drive back to Houston and stay with my parents until Saturday. Then, we will head to California to visit more uncles and aunties.

Hope your weekend was great!  

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