Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I have never been a good reader. I remember as a kid I struggled a lot to keep up with my school reading. I either had other more interesting things to do (in my kid mind of course anything was more important than reading) or the books they made me read weren't my kind of books.
Fast forward to the present day, I love reading. I love having a quiet time, with a warm cup of tea, and just engrossing myself in a good book. I also enjoy having someone near me who is also reading. It is always nice to sit in bed and read with Gavin next to me doing the same thing. The only problem with the books that I read is that 90% of them aren't books that Gavin would like to read. And vice versa with his books for me. One of the pleasures of reading books is sharing and discussing them with others. A month ago a dear friend in KL invited me to her book club. I have never been part of any book club nor have I thought that I would be any good in one. But I realized that it could only help to further improve my english reading skills and could give me the chance to meet more lovely people that live in KL.
The first book we had to read for the club was "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes. The book is getting very popular now, since it has been turned into a movie. The book has an unordinary love story and deals with a very controversial subject about life and death. A young man, named Will, has decided to end his life after he ended up in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic following a tragic accident. I have a lot of mixed feeling about this book, the end, and how people with mobility impairments were portrayed.
The book was written in a very easy-to-read way. I was surprised that I read it all in just 3 days. I even read the sequel of this book named "After You".
I encourage you to read this book before the movie, and to read it so you can learn a little more about the real struggles that quadriplegics go through every day.
The book club was so fun to be part of, and we ate quite delicious food as you can see from the photos above.

For out next book club, we will be reading "The Red Tent" which is actually a Lifetime miniseries.  I will also be reading another book, named "The 5 Love Languages", to learn more about the different ways we can give and receive love from our spouse or partner. I am only half way through the book and I can truly say it has already changed the way I see the word "love" and how it can mean different things for other people.



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