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Friday, June 24, 2016



Happy belated 5 months Matias! I am a little late writing this update because I wanted to take his birthday photos at home with his teddy. We arrived back to KL on Wednesday at midnight. I loved our holiday, but it always feels nice to be back at home. The day that Matias turned 5 months we were actually in San Francisco, celebrating his cousin's first year birthday. It was a really nice picnic at the park, with lots of yummy food, a candle that wouldn't light because of the wind, and relaxing time in the sun.
It is hard to acknowledge that Matias is actually 5 months old. In my eyes, he still seems like the little bundle of joy with a button nose that weighed just 2.9 kilos. He is so big now, and has so many new tricks and just keep growing and developing every day.

Here's a little about Matias' last month:

How old is he now: Matis is 5 months and 4 days old.
Baby MJ's size and weight: I think he should be around 7 kilos.
Best moment this month: There are so many new events that happened this last month. He got to meet his uncles and aunts, and also two of his cousins. He also ate his first solids, banana and sweet potato, and he loved both of them. He also got to be part of his uncle's wedding, in which he slept through the entire mass, and stayed up for a little bit of the reception.
Sleep: He normally wakes up around 1 or 2 times during the night, but with the USA trip some nights he needed extra love and had to sleep with his mama. Sadly, he got a cold in Houston so needed extra TLC at night time.
Movements: He is getting more active than before, although after meeting his cousin, we see that Matias is very calm and can stay still for a very long time. He is able to hold both of his feet and put them inside his mouth. He is always trying to grab his sock and pull or chew on it. He is holding his neck much better, and when I am holding him on my hip he will turn his head everywhere just to see what's around him.
Favorite Toy: Apart from his feet and hands that are always in his mouth, he likes to chew Sophie the giraffe, shake his Noggin stick and attack his stuffed squirrel. He will entertain himself by chewing on his left sock, and gets extra happy when I take it off and hand it to him.
He Likes To: Ride in his car seat, enjoy bath time with his Papa, have some tummy time, and be with people around him that just adore him and tell him he is a cute baby.
Favorite Food: Banana was a hit for him, and also green apple. I am usually eating a green apple around him, and sometimes I will give him a piece to suck the juice from. He is so happy when this happens, and will get mad when I take it away from him.
Mama's experience: I was so afraid of the long flight, but Matias seems to be a frequent flyer already. He drank his milk at the precise moment of take-off that he had to (so his ears wouldn't hurt him from the pressure change) and enjoyed sleeping a lot in the little basinet that the plane gave us. Also, it was so helpful to have Gavin, who did all the diaper changes inside the plane, and took Matias for a walk whenever Matias was getting bored of being around our seats.
Looking forward to: In less than a month we will be packing our stuff and moving to a new place, which is really near by, but very different. This is our first place that we are moving as a whole family. I cannot wait to make it a home, and start living in it.

Hope you have a great Friday!


PS: I am finally back in KL, with more time to blog. I  apologize for being MIA, but it was really hard to stay active at the blog, while having to meet all the friends and family that I haven't seen in such a long time. Thanks to everyone living in Houston, Saint Louis, Seattle, San Francisco, Chile, Austin, Canada, Mexico (and I hope I didn't miss anyone) that came to visit, gave Matias lovely presents, and spent some time with us. We will miss you so much, and hope to see you all soon. Mi casa es su casa!

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