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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Happy Friday everyone! I feel as if it has been a long time since I wrote on my blog, so today I am pausing my "Game of Thrones" marathon and giving my attention to the blog.

Life has been really good lately, of course with ups and downs. One down was when I was brushing my teeth yesterday night and realized that I had a cavity, eek! Luckily our local dentist was available today and fixed it. I am very afraid of pain so the minute that it started to hurt I requested a numbing local injection, hehe. It was 100 times better and it was so funny to have one side of my face numb as well.

Gavin and I are focusing on getting everything ready before our holiday in the USA. That means getting presents ready for our family and friends, ordering assorted goods online to my parent's house in Houston, as well as looking for a new apartment here in Malaysia. We are moving in July to a different apartment complex, but we still don't know where yet.

As for my little baby boy, he is growing so so fast. The photos above are from time during his tummy time. I am not sure if he likes tummy time or not. Sometimes he can spend a lot of time on his tummy, but other times he struggles and makes lots of complaining noises. Yesterday was a happy tummy time. He lifted his head really high, and kept it up high for the longest time. He even looked at his black and white book.

Hope your day is going well.

PS: If you like Game of Thrones and are a Jon Snow fan you should watch this video.
PPS: A long time ago, I wrote here about the book "Raising Up Bebe". I found a good article about the book that also provides a summary of the entire book. Check it out here if you are a mom and wonder how the french raise their children.


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