4 months old

Friday, May 20, 2016


My baby is 4 months old today. I keep repeating to myself that I need to treasure every single moment of his short life so that I can remember the details of him being this little in the years to come. The other day, Gavin showed me a video about the importance of hugs (from Huggies) and it has these little tiny newborn babies in it. I couldn't stop thinking about how Matias was that small not that long ago.
Today in Kuala Lumpur it is a public holiday, so we will spend some time at home, and maybe take Matias to the pool later.

Here is Matias' update:

How old is he now: Matis is 4 months old.
Baby MJ's size: On Wednesday he measured 67 cm. He grew 8 cm in a month.
Weight gain: Last month's check up he weighed 5.6 kilos. Now he weighs 6.2 kilos.
Best moment this month: There are so many! Like the first time he rolled from his back to his belly. Or the first time we took him to the pool. Also, we got a lovely book that our friends from France mailed; Matis has been looking at it a lot. And last but not least, today he rolled from his tummy to his back!
Sleep: We changed his sleeping schedule. Now we bath him around 7:30 and by 8:30-9 pm he is in his crib sleeping. Sadly, the 4 month sleep regression has started. He wakes up around 1 am to eat and wakes up every 2 hours after that for a feeding. Hopefully this new thing he is doing goes away soon.
Movements: He just found his legs and looks at them and laughs. He is kicking them a lot. He is grabbing all the toys that we leave around him. Also, he is holding his neck much better, and can stay on his tummy much longer than before. He is very active and alert of things around him. Before, when we out with him he would just look at one point. Now, he is looking all around him and making sure he isn't missing anything.
Nicknames: Gordito, Mati, Matis, Matiitas,
Mama's experience: It has been so much fun to see how much Matias had grown. Everyday he is stronger and stronger. This last week, I spent some time helping a friend's son with his homework while Matias stayed with my friend. He did so well without me. He was happy the entire time...until he got hungry, hehe.
Looking forward to: Our trip to the USA! We are traveling in 2 weeks from Sunday, and I cannot wait to see my entire family and for Matias to spend time with his family.

Hope you all have a great Friday!


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