3 months old!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Baby MJ turned 3 months today. Oh, the things that I could tell you about him! I could go days and days talking about this little guy. But since I don't have that much free time anymore, I will try to pinpoint the most important things we had this month. For example, he is smiling the entire day now, and even laughing really loud. He finally has a set schedule for his naps, which he likes so far.

Matias' monthly milestones:

How old is he now: He is 3 months old. Exactly 13 weeks since his birth.
Baby MJ's size: Last doctor's appointment he measured 59 cm.
Weight gain: Two weeks ago he weighed 5.6 kilos. He is now wearing his 3 to 6 months clothes.
Best moment this month: He has started to recognize me! Sometimes he sees that I am coming near him, and immediately he starts kicking, waving his arms, and smiling. That moment makes my day so much more special. And of course, Gavin and I had a pretty cute wedding, at which Matias behaved like a champ.
Sleep: He is usually asleep by 11pm and wakes up for eating around 6 or 7 am. He falls back to sleep again after that and properly wakes up around 10ish. He is starting to fall asleep by himself, but only when he is really really tired and almost asleep.
Movements: He loves to suck on his hands, he even makes loud noises, as if he is actually eating something. He has also started to grab things. His favorites are the burpie, his bib, and his socks. He brings everything to his mouth. He even tried to put Sophie the giraffe in his mouth, although the taste wasn't to his liking. He is supporting his head more easily now, but still needs more time to have full control.
Nicknames: Gordito, Mati, Matis, Matiitas.
Mama's experience: I have been loving my alone time with Matias. We get to know each other so well, and it is so much easier to follow a schedule. I do miss all the company, and Matias misses his grandfathers and grandmothers. But it is nice to see that I can survive the day with just the two of us, and still have dinner ready for Gavin at night...most of the times.
This month, I started to do more physical exercise. Gavin has been so cooperative, leaving work a little earlier to help me get to my yoga class on time.
Looking forward to: the arrival of his Oma and Opa at the beginning of May. Also looking forward to more interactions with Matias, especially his coo and smiles.



  1. How gorgeous is he?! Love it :)