Wedding Day

Tuesday, April 4, 2016


DRESS: Mag Boutique // MATIAS' OVERALLS: Chateau de Sable 

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend was extra special because Gavin and I had our second wedding (in a church) and it was just as I wanted it to be: small, simple, and sweet. Gavin and I already had our civil wedding at the City Hall in San Francisco, but it was great to show our love again with this wedding. It might seem like it's too much to do another wedding in less than a year. But I can truly say that after the wedding preparation classes, and saying again to Gavin "until death  do us apart" it renews our marriage and makes us love one another even more.

I am so grateful for all the wishes that we got about our wedding. Thank you to all your lovely messages. I had a great day with Gavin, celebrating our love and unifying our family.

It was so nice to have Matias at our wedding. Last wedding, he was in my tummy, so this time he was actually in the pictures and it was so special to have him with us on this day. He behaved so well all day, he was truly a champ. I got him this cute blue french outfit that he didn't even get dirty with milk (my little boy can really spit up).

It was really fun/hard to find a wedding dress in Malaysia. I didn't know anyone who bought a dress for their wedding in KL so I had no previous recommendations. I was so lucky I had my mom here, who helped me find the perfect dress in a small store in a town outside KL. I made the flower hair pin and the veil was found in a tiny retro store. I think overall it worked.
We were so lucky that Gavin's grad school friend was in town. He is very good at photography and was happy to take the photos for us. I was so happy for all the great shots he took.



  1. how wonderful! looks so lovely!

    1. It was lovely. Thank you for the comment :)

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