Outdoor time

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend went well. Ours was a little bit short as always. We had to stay indoors since the terrible haze is back. The forest fires keep happening more and more often, polluting all the air around the area where we live.
On Thursday, the air was a little bit better so we enjoyed some time at the pool area of our condo. We used a tent that Matias' Auntie gave us to keep the mosquitoes out. I love watching the twin towers from our place at night. Sometimes it is a little unreal that we are living here in Malaysia.
As for Matias, this weekend meant lots of time with his Papa, sleeping-in a little more than usual (until 10 am with me in the bed) and plenty of grabbing our fingers and trying to eat them. At one point he had my finger in one hand and Gavin's finger in his other hand, and tried to put both in his mouth to chew. He either loves putting things in his mouth or just wants more food.

Hope you all have a happy Sunday, and remember that Winter is Coming!


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