Friday, April 29, 2016


It is finally Friday! I am so glad the weekend is coming since Monday is a holiday here and next week my in-laws are coming to visit. They are only coming for a short quick visit to hug, kiss, and spoil their youngest grandchild. We will get to spend Mother's day together with them, my first Mother's day as a mom.
Going back through my phone's photos I realized I never posted these pictures that Gavin took of me while I was pregnant with Matias. Every week he took a picture of Matias and I, so we could see the  gradual progress. I had to skip some weeks, since we were on various holidays and couldn't take the same photos.
I love that we did this because now I can go back and read all the different things that happened each week while I had Matias inside of me. I also noticed how much my hair grew in these 9 months. I even cut it when I went to the USA.
As for the little boy, he is growing fast, but not too fast :) I am enjoying his 3 month-old stage. He cannot roll to the side yet, but he is active enough to wiggle his legs, and smile back at you.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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